Read up on our top 10 Nikwax Hacks!

A hack is a simple and clever tip or technique for accomplishing a familiar task more easily and efficiently – and Nikwax is the master of them! Our products don’t just work their magic on outdoor essentials such as waterproof jackets, walking boots, camping tents and down-filled sleeping bags, they have plenty of other nifty uses too. Here are the best of the rest…

1. Wash your feather-filled pillows with Down Wash. Direct® to keep them in clean, fresh and bouncy condition (as recommended by Real Homes Magazine). Post-washing, toss them in your tumble drier with a few tennis balls for maximum puffiness – and a better night’s sleep.

2. TX.Direct® improves the durability and life of tennis balls, its true! This hack comes directly from a professional tennis coach who has tried and tested everything to wash and proof his used tennis balls. He found that our best-selling product did the job splendidly; game, set and match.

© Matthias David, Unsplash

3. Use Visor Proof on your car windscreen to keep it clean and gleaming, and on your spectacles when the weather is wet for streak-free vision. Beading never looked so good.

4. Are your outdoor blankets looking grubby thanks to garden dirt, children’s hands or food and drink spillage? Well, Rug Wash isn’t just for animal coats! A cycle in the washing machine with this product will clean your blankets thoroughly and revitalise their insulation to keep you cosier on chilly evenings.

© Ray Fragapane, Unsplash

5. Beat the elements with Tent & Gear SolarProof®, friend to all kitesurfers. This handy product protects kites from UV damage, increases their fabric tear strength and enhances their water repellency for a better experience on the waves. It can also be used on single and dual line sky kites for protection in unexpected showers.

© Umut Yilman, Unsplash

6. BaseWash® removes makeup residue from synthetic beauty blenders such as sponges and brushes, returning them to their former glory by thoroughly cleaning and conditioning them. This hack comes fresh from our Marketing Team Assistant, who studiously cleans up her makeup kit once a week.

© Edz Norton, Unsplash

7. Cotton Proof works a treat on your favourite pair of jeans, adding water repellency and reviving breathability to keep you feeling super comfortable at work or play, whatever the weather. Double denim fans can use it on jackets too. Who knew?

8. Spruce up tired leather handbags with our easy-to-use Leather Restorer. We carry our lives around in our handbags and after prolonged use, tanning agents and lubricants are lost. Showing your bag some TLC with this oh-so-useful product will give it a new lease of life. Leather Restorer also works wonders on your favourite (leather, obviously) belt or watch strap.

9. Re-use empty Nikwax spray bottles (once cleaned thoroughly) to mist your indoor plants. Keep one bottle upstairs and one bottle downstairs for fuss-free, anytime misting.

10. We can’t not mention man’s best friend… Dog beds, raincoats, collars, harnesses and leads can all be cared for with Nikwax products depending on their material. Not a hack, as such, but oh-so useful to know. If it’s good enough for our kit, then its good enough for theirs.

© Ariana Kaminski, Unsplash

No utility room or cupboard under the kitchen sink should be without our dependable products, which do far more than they say on the tin, to (mis)quote Ronseal®. If you have any Nikwax hacks you would like to share, please do get in touch with us on the following email address and, with your consent, we’ll post it on our social media feeds 😊


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