Nikwax Supports Greenpeace on PFC Pollution

beadingrainGreenpeace calls for ban on fluorocarbon water repellents (PFCs)

Earlier this week, Greenpeace published a report calling for a ban on all PFCs (fluorocarbon chemicals) in the outdoor industry. Nikwax aftercare products have NEVER contained PFCs because we share Greenpeace’s concern that these chemicals pose a risk to people’s health and the environment.

PFCs are widely used to provide water repellency on fabrics, but they never fully break down in the environment and have been linked to cancers, reduced fertility and damaged immune systems in children.

Some aftercare brands argue that moving from one type of PFC called C8, to a slightly different version called C6 is the solution. Greenpeace’s report makes it clear that that isn’t good enough, and that all PFCs present an unacceptable risk. Nikwax fully supports this assertion.

Our founder and CEO, Nick Brown, had this to say about the campaign. “Greenpeace’s report highlights a really important issue in our industry. At Nikwax we recognised the risks early on, and have spent the last decade developing PFC-free alternatives. This report will encourage the wider industry that it’s time to deal with these chemicals once and for all.”

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