Keep warm & dry in your jackets this season with Nikwax

The darker evenings, colder temperatures and leaves turning gold and red mean Autumn is truly upon us…and it also means we will be getting outside to enjoy Halloween and Bonfire Night! Whether you are taking the kids trick or treating, watching a crackling fire whilst fireworks light up the sky, or sipping hot soup while viewing the stars in your garden, the focus is on wrapping up.

 We all love this time of year for the festivities and we know it is time to dig out the scarf, gloves and most importantly, a warm and comfy jacket to see us through the chilly dark evenings.

Don’t let your night be dampened like a burnt out sparkler, choose the correct jacket to suit you and protect it with Nikwax to ensure you remember these events for the right reasons – not for being cold or wet!


Dressing for the outdoors

You can find yourself standing outdoors for a few hours at some events and depending upon the British weather, this can often mean in a soggy, muddy field with the rain coming down.

Start from the inside and think layering. Base layers are worn next to the skin, helping to regulate your body temperature and wick moisture away from you. Next is the mid-layer. A fleece can work wonders as a mid-layer as the fibres trap air in the spaces, getting warmed by body heat and providing toasty insulation. This light fabric works well underneath waterproof coats to keep you comfortable as the mercury falls.

Outer layer protection is key! A waterproof and/or windproof coat will make the difference between shouting ‘Oooh, Aah’ because the skies are lit up, or because you are shivering to the bone from cold and damp weather.  We will endure the weather no matter what, to ensure we can stay outdoors to enjoy the events – nobody wants to go home early! But wrap up right and you will be protected  from any inclement weather.

If you don’t have a waterproof coat then now is time to invest – most clothing retailers now stock water repellent coats. Check out what is best for you; some have padded linings, which are great for insulation, whilst others also provide windproof capabilities. If your coat has already been worn over the summer  – and with our summer that is most likely – then you need to ‘Nikwax’ it.

TX.Direct is your saviour against changeable autumn weather.

Using TX.Direct on wet weather clothing will ensure that durable water repellency (DWR) is replenished throughout the garment, ensuring breathability is maintained as moisture can pass through. Water will be repelled from the surface and keep you shielded from the rain.

Easy to use in your washing machine, TX.Direct is water-based and is safe both for you and for the environment. It will ensure that your outdoor items stay working for longer and you can focus on having fun and not risk catching a chill.


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