NEW Tech Wash v16.1

NIKWAX doubles Tech Wash® effectiveness and saves energy

Not everyone knows that there are three things which destroy the water repellency and breathability of an outdoor jacket.

  • The first is dirt. Dirt is water absorbent and will stop water beading up on a jacket and stop your jacket from breathing.
  • The second is household laundry detergent. If expensive waterproof jackets are cleaned with these conventional products they will leave behind an invisible layer of detergent that draws water back into the fabric.
  • The third is abrasion. After a while the manufacturer’s durable water repellent (DWR) coating is worn off by wear and tear.

Tech Wash is designed to efficiently remove dirt and traces of detergent, reviving the water repellency of a waterproof jacket just by washing. Until now, after 2 to 5 washes with Tech Wash – depending on how hard you use your jacket – you would need to apply a new water repellent treatment.

New Nikwax Tech Wash (version 16.1) doubles the number of washes, to between 4 and 10, before the need to re-waterproof. (Remember that those who like extremely muddy outdoor activities will have to use Nikwax products more frequently than someone who just walks their dog in town.)


Nick Brown, CEO of Nikwax said “Our tests show that Nikwax Tech Wash cleans much more effectively than other sports washes and can now restore your jacket’s water repellency for up to 10 washes. This change will save energy and is achieved completely free of PFC chemicals. What’s more, when your jacket is really tired and needs re-waterproofing, the reapplied treatment will be much more effective than if washed with other products.”

Nikwax has pioneered the move away from polluting PFC water repellents and continues to demonstrate that high performance waterproofing can be achieved with minimum environmental effect.

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