Spring is the mood booster we all need! Our motivational ideas will help you get outside and enjoy it.

March 20th officially marks the first day of spring and with the weather already warming and brightening up, bird song noticeably louder, and (finally) an official roadmap out of lockdown, we’re feeling pretty positive here at Nikwax! 

In celebration of imminent springtime, we’ve put our heads together and compiled a list of ideas to motivate you to get outside and keep your fitness levels up whilst enjoying this most glorious of seasons… 

Seek out your hidden, outdoor local gems
Repetitive fitness routines have been par for the course over the past twelve months. You know the drill – leave the house, turn left, walk/run/cycle 50m to the end of the road, loop the track/park/woods, repeat, return home. We all do it! But have you discovered all the parks and routes in your local area? There are plenty of best kept secrets – just ask Google! Compile your list and check them off as you go.

Cancel your working lunch and go for a working walk
Are your days bogged down by Zoom and Skype meetings from your home office/spare room/kitchen table? Take advantage of the warmer, brighter weather and dial in on the go! Studies have proven that walking boosts creative output by up to 60%, which is why Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerburg regularly held meetings on foot. Our very own Nikwax Founder and CEO, Nick Brown, also enjoys working walks.

Team up with a pal
We’ve said it before but it really is easier to motivate yourself to get outside if you have a buddy to spur you on. Even if you are at different fitness levels, teaming up a friend once a week will drive you (both) to get your trainers or boots on and venture out for some fresh air and exercise. Agree a day and time that works for you both, and stick to it. From March 8th, you’ll even be able to enjoy a coffee or picnic together at the end.

Show your workout gear some love
Revive your active wear with Nikwax and you’ll be more tempted to put it good use! High quality cleaning, conditioning and waterproofing products will prolong the life and enhance the performance of your gear; from base layers to jackets, trainers to walking boots, Nikwax will give your gear a new lease of life ensuring you stay dry, comfortable and smelling fresh.


Switch up your playlist
Have you been listening to the same 30+ songs on your “running playlist” for the past year? We certainly have. When your playlist starts to become monotonous, it stops motivating you to keep going. Spring cleaning your playlist will put a spring in your step! 

Set realistic training goals
The promise of spring brings renewed motivation for many of us, be it walking, running, cycling – or all three! However, don’t be lulled into a false sense of security – pushing yourself too hard could result in burnout and possible injury. Attainable goals are the way forward, so setting a schedule – and sticking to it – will help you reap rewards in the longer term.

Ink a virtual race in your calendar
This spring it’s all about the virtual race. Simply register online and complete the race in your own time (no sharpened elbows needed). Once completed, upload your results online and, depending on the race organisers, you’ll receive your finishing medal in the post. From Fun Runs to 10K’s, to marathons and everything in between, there is something for everyone.




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