From January through to December, Nikwax has your gear covered…

With a product for every month of the year, Nikwax will keep you dry and comfortable throughout 2024, whatever the weather! Our PFC-free, water-based cleaning and proofing products can be used in your washing machine, don’t cost the earth (true both metaphorically and literally) and will keep your outdoor clothing, footwear and equipment looking as good as new, performing at its best, and lasting for longer. Its never too late to start using Nikwax on your gear – whatever your preferred style or brand, we have the product for you…

Roughly a third of the UK population will make a new year’s resolution this month, with increased exercise topping the chart as the most popular goal for 2024*. If you’re taking to the parks and pavements this month as one of the UK’s ‘January Joggers’ (it’s a thing), make sure your base layer is warm, and up to the job. Wool Wash is the ultimate 2-in-1 cleaner and conditioner that both deodorises and enhances the wicking and drying performance of all Merino and woollen sports clothing.

The shortest month of the year, and often the muddiest, walking boots can take a battering on the tracks and trails as permafrost starts to thaw in readiness for spring. Our first ever Nikwax product, Waterproofing Wax for Leather, created over 45 years ago, provides instant waterproofing on leather walking boots whilst also revitalizing their breathability and suppleness. It is recommended for use on all smooth leather footwear including those with Gore-Tex®, eVent® and Sympatex® membranes.

This is the month to get ahead and prepare your waterproof jacket for April showers! Nikwax has always advocated for staying ahead of the weather game and Tech Wash and TX. Direct will help you to do just that. The complete care system for thoroughly cleaning, enhancing water repellency, and revitalising the breathability of your wet weather clothing, Our bestselling products are now available as a handy Twin Pack.

April is another month for planning ahead – only this time, camping calls! Our UK camping season typically starts towards the end of this month, as we transition out of colder winter patterns, and gets fully underway in May. Whether your tent is made from 100% cotton or a synthetic material, now is the time to haul it out of storage and freshen it up for ready for use.

If you own a canvas tent, Cotton Proof will add water repellency and revive breathability, reducing weight gain should the weather not play ball. For synthetic tents, Tent & Gear SolarWash and SolarProof, used in conjunction, will clean, increase fabric tear strength, protect against UV damage, and (as with all Nikwax products) enhance water repellency.

May is pretty reliable weather-wise, heralding the start of the UK’s warmer, drier season, and combination footwear rises to the occasion. But how best to care for shoes and boots made of mixed materials? By using Nikwax Fabric & Leather Proof of course! Crucially, it maintains the special textures of these fabrics whilst waterproofing them and maintaining their breathability. As with all Nikwax footwear products, it is also suitable for use on Gore-Tex®, eVent® and Sympatex®.

As the weather continues to warm up, so do our bodies, which means our base layers must work even harder to protect us in the great outdoors. BaseWash not only cleans and deodorises but it also makes your base layers dry faster and improves their cooling efficiency. Together, these product benefits keep you feeling fresher and comfortable for much longer! It is recommended for all synthetic base layers and next-to-skin wicking clothing.

Sticky season is here and doesn’t our footwear know it! Repeatedly slipping bare feet into our shoes leads to a build-up of dirt, sweat and body oils, which encourages bacterial growth and causes footwear to smell, especially in hot weather (the same is true even if you’re wearing socks). Sandal and Sports Shoe Wash is the ultimate sponge-on summer shoe saver, freshening and deodoring all non-waterproof footwear, insoles and footbeds for a better summer shoe experience.

Whilst it is usually pretty dry at this time of year, it’s important to be prepared for unseasonably cool or wet conditions (two named storms – Antoni and Betty brought unseasonably wet and windy weather to parts of the UK in August 2023). Should you have to reach for your softshell jacket at some point, make sure it delivers for you by cleaning and proofing it in advance with Softshell Proof Wash-In or Spray-On. Recommended for Windstopper®, Schoeller® and all other softshell clothing, these products add water repellency to the areas that need it most and revive breathability.

Our most popular kit come into its own this month as the weather begins its cool down and trees start dropping their leaves. Our Outdoor Complete Protection Kit contains all the products you need to get your jackets and footwear ready for autumn in one fell swoop, stored in a handy 10L dry bag. Including Tech Wash, TX. Direct, Footwear Cleaning Gel, Fabric & Leather Proof AND a footwear bristle brush, cleaning and waterproofing your wet weather gear couldn’t be easier.

It can be difficult to dress for this time of year, which is often cold yet not freezing. A softshell isn’t warm enough but it’s way too soon to dust off your down jacket. A lightweight, synthetic insulator such as a cosy fleece is usually the way forward, and we have just the product for keeping it in tip top condition. PolarProof adds water repellency, revitalises insulation and increases the durability of your fleece to ensure it keeps you warmer and drier in mixed weather conditions.

Who doesn’t love down at this time of year? It provides an exceptional warmth to weight ratio, is lightweight, and widely considered to be the best insulator known to man. However, down-filled gear requires expert care to keep it performing at its best time and again. Our Down Wash.Direct and Down Proof products have been specially formulated to enhance and protect the delicate properties of down, adding water repellency and reviving its insulation to keep you drier and warmer in the very worst weather conditions.

The European skiing seasons starts in earnest in this month and if you are lucky enough to be taking to the slopes make sure you have our ski products close to hand. Ski Skin Proof adds water repellency to prevent ice from building up on the fibres of your ski skins, improving glide and reducing kick.  Visor Proof is a rain repellent that enhances clear vision and is recommended for all visors and goggles. Glove Proof adds water repellency and maintains the grip and breathability of fabric and leather gloves, keeping your hands warmer and drier.

*Forbes Advisor

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