What type of runner are you?

While we are all taught to think outside the box, sometimes it’s fun to think inside the box. There are obviously a number of different types of runners and people run for different reasons, but let’s say we classify them into 10 specific types, which one are you?
Watch out, you might find that you fit into a few different types!

Competition King
“Let’s head out for a casual run”. Steer clear if a Competition King mentions this phrase, unless you are feeling particularly spritely! You will usually find the pace of said “casual run” slowly increasing and before you know it the run has turned into a race. It’s all about finishing first for this runner.

Be aware that these runners are not always to be avoided – they can push your own limits and remind you that you can achieve more – and there’s something wonderful about new running milestones.

Running has become more popular over the years; you can barely step out of the house without spotting a runner, whatever time of day. However, spotting an old school runner is rare; they started running years before it was cool. They still wear regular T’s, knee-high socks and plimsolls, and they definitely don’t believe in running gadgets/technology. Yes, they are stubborn and set in their ways but, they are also passionate and vivacious.

The Elite
Let’s be frank, we all know people who sign up to races on an impulse and manage to reach the top 10, without seeming like they do any work. Here’s the simple thing about “The Elite”, they might have some natural talents, but they do also work extremely hard! Enough Said.

The Slow Coach
Talk about running or being a runner to this person and they will automatically say, “Ohhh, I’m a slow runner”, as if it’s an automatic reflex and they don’t even realise they’ve said it. However, this often isn’t the case – they are in denial or are just being modest. This particular runner is most likely a speed freak who is hiding under the slow coach label.

The meditator likes to be lost in thought, concentrate on their breathing techniques and run without worrying about time or speed. This runner doesn’t run with headphones or a running partner, they like to explore their deep inner self when they are out running. Running is their yoga. Namaste!

The Groupie
No one available = no miles run! An unfortunate running type, they often miss getting their miles in for fear of going solo. However, the great thing about being friends with a groupie is that on days where you might want to skip a run, they encourage you and make those dreaded miles enjoyable.

The thought is better than the effort. The bucket list guys. Someone who has big ideas to run a marathon but never actually sign up. But, before you know it, just about any other excuse will be pulled out of the bag.

The almost runner might need a groupie to drag them through a few of those first tough runs.

Trail Blazer
“Treadmill running, eughhhhhhh?! Is that even real running?”
The trail blazer can’t understand why you would spend your time anywhere else but on the trails. An absolute obvious no-brainer for them, when nature is so beautiful, fresh air trumps air conditioning and mud is gentler on the knees. They might also enjoy running barefoot, but try not to judge!

Busy Bee
The Instagram star, the working mum, the socialite, and to top it off, an Ultra Marathon runner!

The busy bee skips out on runs because life happens, but they also know how important those runs are to their health, so when they get any chance they embrace it. They help remind us that we should find time for our own priorities.

Number Geek
They are the number crunchers with an Excel spreadsheet for just about everything. Mileage, average pace per run, average pace per mile, overall miles on run each pair of shoes – it is all documented. They might even document the number of toilet stops per running route! Number crunchers are ready to talk about results at any given time to anyone with a remote interest. Seeing the numbers change and improve is their number one motivation. They are the ‘did you know’ types.


Whichever type you end up being just remember running is good for your health. It is good for building up cardiovascular strength, building muscle and improving mental wellbeing. Plus, being outside in the fresh air allows you to top up your vitamin D intake. And, what else makes all runners the same at the end of the day? Their running kit… It will get sweaty, smelly and need copious amounts of cleaning, especially during the warmer months of the year. What do all runners need? The Nikwax Sports Kit! This is the all-in-one aftercare package that contains the essential items you need to keep your clothing and footwear in peak condition. Learn all you need to know about our Sports Kit HERE!


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