Nikwax Launches Environmental Grants Programme

Nikwax today launched a grants programme to support environmental projects across the UK.

The programme, which will see six grants totalling £3,000 being awarded every year, is designed to support small groups and organisations in their environmental ambitions.

Over the past two years, Nikwax has supported several groups.

An outstanding example is Tchad Solaire, an NGO which builds solar cookers to enable Sudanese refugees in Chad  to use the sun to cook for their families.  Nikwax has developed a special waterproofing product to protect the cookers and make them last longer.  A small Nikwax investment, providing free technology and product, has helped literally tens of thousands of families.

Another project closer to home is with a primary school in East Sussex.  Nikwax helped to fund an outdoor classroom for the children to learn about the environment.  The classroom doubles as a hide to watch and learn about local wildlife.

More recently, Nikwax awarded a small grant to a local nursery school.  The school in Five Ashes currently has no garden.  They plan to use the money to create a sensory garden for the children to enjoy and learn about the outside world from an early age.  Nikwax donated £500 and work on the garden will soon be underway.

Erica Greenwood, Chairperson of the Five Ashes Pre-School management committee, said: “Five Ashes Pre-School are really grateful to Nikwax for the grant to create our sensory garden. We’re looking forward to using the garden to help the children in learning about the environment, including looking at native insects and wildlife, and growing flowers and vegetables. Once created it will be an invaluable resource, which we hope will inspire the children to take an interest in nature and the preservation of the natural environment that surrounds them.”

This new environmental grants programme will enable Nikwax to support more projects across the UK.

Speaking about the programme, Nikwax founder, Nick Brown said, “The environment is very important to us at Nikwax.  We work hard to reduce our impact and we would like to support other groups and individuals in doing their bit too.  That’s why we are launching this new small grants programme to help other groups get their environmental projects off the ground.  We are very much looking forward to receiving more applications. Our aim is to raise awareness, and, if possible, offer both our expertise and cash. We will be flexible financially if we are presented with brilliant proposals like Tchad Solaire ”

Anyone can apply for a grant.  Applicants will be asked about the environmental credentials of their proposed project.  The grants panel will meet on a monthly basis.

For more information or to apply visit the Nikwax Small Grants page or contact

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