Nikwax® Cotton Proof is versatile and not just for clothing…

Your customers must be careful to ensure their cotton clothing and gear does not absorb water as it will cause weight gain and take a long time to dry out, impairing breathability and weakening material over time.

Nikwax Cotton Proof is a super easy-to-use waterproofing product that will ensure all cotton, polycotton, and canvas items maintain their durability and breathability.

If an item is fairly new, the customer should proof it with Cotton Proof, which will add a durable water repellent (DWR) treatment to the fibres in order to prevent water absorption.

Should a customer already have a waterproofed item that is now ‘wetting out’, it could be that the item is dirty – and we all know dirt masks water repellency – or, because the DWR has worn away through use. They should first try washing their item with Nikwax Tech Wash® – it removes all dirt and would revive the DWR coating. If cleaning alone is not reviving the water repellency, then the customer needs Cotton Proof: this will replenish the DWR and keep their clothing/gear in prime condition, ensuring high performance in damp or wet weather.

Cotton Proof is so versatile and people may not realise that it can be used on more than just clothing! Canvas tents, bags, bike panniers and other items made from cotton, polycotton or canvas, can all be treated with Cotton Proof. A perfect aftercare item for use during the warmer months when clothing and gear made from this natural fabric are in use. Tell your customers just how super easy it is to use! Plus, as with all Nikwax aftercare, Cotton Proof is water-based, contains no hazardous chemicals or PFCs, so is safe for the user and for the environment.


Apply in a washing machine:

  • Wash item first in Tech Wash on a separate wash cycle; no need to dry item before proofing.
  • Shake bottle well before use.
  • Use 50ml for 1 item, 100ml for 2 items and 150ml for 3 items.
  • Wash on a cycle according to the item’s care label.
  • Dry the item(s) as per the care label.

Apply by hand:

  • Immerse clean, washed items in hand-hot water.
  • Use 50ml for 1 item, 100ml for 2 items.
  • Agitate to mix, soak for 5 minutes and then agitate again.
  • Rinse with cold water until the water runs clear.
  • Dry the item(s) as per the care label.

Proofing a canvas tent:

  • Clean the tent first with Nikwax Tent & Gear SolarWash®. No need to dry before proofing.
  • Either erect the tent, or lay item flat – protecting the working surface.
  • Dilute Cotton Proof by adding 1 part product to 9 parts water – mix well.
  • Apply evenly to the outer fabric with a brush or sponge, ensuring it penetrates the fabric surface.
  • Remove any surplus with a damp cloth and check no area has been missed.
  • After several minutes, check and remove any surplus product and then leave the tent to dry thoroughly before packing away.

And the benefits of Cotton Proof?
Well, to summarise, Cotton Proof protects clothing and gear by allowing moisture vapour to pass through the fabric, keeping the item(s) breathable and prolonging their lifetime whilst enhancing performance. Your customers will stay dry, comfortable and protected in damp/wet weather!

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