A few customer-friendly facts about Nikwax!

It’s time to pass on the knowledge of Nikwax to your customers – let them know all the great things our products can do to help them stay safe and dry outdoors, and they will keep coming back to your store to replenish their aftercare!

So, what are the things your general customer may not know about Nikwax?

Tech Wash® is one of our biggest and best sellers!
It is also a leading aftercare product within the outdoor sector. Why? Because first and foremost, it does what it is there to do – clean and enhance the performance of wet weather clothing and gear.

Customers may think they can buy a new waterproof jacket and simply wash it in their normal detergent when it gets dirty. When they go to wear it again and find it is not repelling water as it once did, they may believe they have bought a poor jacket. But that is not the case! They simply need to clean it with the correct product – Tech Wash!

Whilst regular household detergent will clean away dirt, it will also leave residues on fabric that attract water. This goes against the whole purpose of an item being waterproof! Tech Wash is formulated to thoroughly clean away all dirt and contaminants on wet weather clothing and equipment, plus, it will not leave behind anything on the fabric that will attract water. Instead, this excellent product will also revive the durable water repellent coating on outdoor gear to ensure it continues to effectively repel rain, stay breathable so moisture inside can escape, and keep the wearer snug and dry.

Lastly, it can help your customers save money! This is because they do not need to re-proof their garment after each wash. Tech Wash is so effective they should be able to wash items 4-6 times before re-proofing is required. Bonus!

Nikwax products are safe for the user and the environment.
Being an outdoor company, we pride ourselves on manufacturing products that are Low Impact. In a time where climate change and environmental issues are on the agenda more than ever before, it is vital for customers to know that our products are safe and that our commitment to the environment never waivers.

How are they safe?
Nikwax does not use hazardous chemicals, aerosols, or materials (such as palm oil) that could be sourced by unsustainable methods. All products are water-based and biodegradable. We are the only outdoor company to have never used PFCs in our products. These are nasty persistent chemicals that can cause harm to both humans and the environment; so why would we choose to use something that will damage the natural world that we all want to enjoy? Quite simply, we don’t and never have. Plus, by the end of 2020, 100 percent of all Nikwax bottles will be manufactured from post-consumer recycled plastic!

Nikwax is more than waterproofing.
Our range extends beyond simply cleaning and waterproofing outdoor clothing, and now is a great time to let your customers know this and introduce them to the rest of our range!

Next time you have a customer wishing to purchase some base layers for their cycling, running or gym activity, let them know about Nikwax Sweatproofing. The Sweatproofing range cleans, conditions and deodorises all technical next-to-skin clothing and non-waterproof footwear.

Customers who wear base layers may already experience the issue of their clothing starting to smell over time, through use. It is important for them to realise when they purchase a new base layer that washing it in regular detergent and conditioner will cause problems with the fabric’s wicking. These detergents and conditioners leave behind residues that will prevent the garments from effectively evaporating sweat, so moisture is unable to spread over a large area and dry. Combined with a build-up of body oils, it leads to ineffective clothing. Detergent will initially mask any smells when washed, but it will not actually remove the bacteria and body oils.

The Nikwax Sweatproofing range has been created to tackle these problems! Cleaners, such as BaseWash® and Wool Wash, swiftly remove all dirt and body oils from the fabric and will actively prevent the build-up of odours. The high performance formulations will enhance the wicking of a base layer, so sweat spreads quickly and dries fast – this all helps to regulate body temperature, which is key for many high energy activities.

The wash-in conditioner, BaseFresh®, is designed to actually work with a household detergent! This is because it allows the detergent to clean away dirt, while preventing the detergent from impairing the properties of a base layer. Instead, BaseFresh will deodorise the fabric and, as with the other Sweatproofing products, will enhance wicking and prevent odour build-up.

But, don’t forget the shoes! We all know how non-waterproof shoes can start to smell over time, plus, customers may not be aware that a build-up of bacteria can actually lead to material starting to degrade, meaning that footwear may not last as long as it should! Sandal & Sports Shoe Wash is perfect here. It thoroughly cleans away all nasty bacteria from footwear and will freshen it at the same time, plus it can be used on outer fabric as well as insoles and footbeds.

Sweatproofing is the most effective way to keep sportswear, base layers and footwear smelling fresh and performing at its very best – keeping the user comfortable and dry so they can just focus on their chosen activity!

Spread the word of Nikwax and show your customers just how effective our products are and how they can enhance their enjoyment of the outdoors whilst prolonging the life of their gear.

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