The power of Down Wash Direct®

Down jackets … They are a fabulous means by which to keep cosy and warm during colder months outdoors, but do your customers really understand about down? We know it provides a fantastic warmth-to-weight ratio, with the insulation providing great protection in freezing weather, but what about in the rain? Now is the prime time to advise them of down and the best way to care for their down jacket – with Nikwax® Down Wash Direct!

Regular down: used within a lot of garments, but this filling has no water repellency and we all know that water is an enemy of down. If down gets wet then it will rapidly lose loft, collapse and trap the water, resulting in complete loss of insulation. This could be potentially dangerous if using a down jacket (or sleeping bag) in really cold conditions when wet – the loss of insulation could, in severe cases, lead to hypothermia. Regular down can therefore limit the conditions in which someone can wear their jacket to its full potential.

Hydrophobic down: such as Nikwax Hydrophobic Down (NHD) is down that has been treated with a solution to prevent it from absorbing water. NHD is a PFC-free, water-based water repellent treatment and it has been proven to make down 50 times more resistant to water than regular down. Garments containing NHD can resist up to 16 hours of direct exposure to water and still retain their insulating properties. A huge benefit is that NHD will extend the range of conditions in which you can use a down jacket – the user stays warm, dry and protected, even in the rain!

Whether a garment uses regular or hydrophobic down, it needs to be cleaned appropriately. So advise your customers to step away from household detergent or fabric conditioner as these will leave residues that impair the down and its performance. Instead, advise them to use Nikwax Down Wash Direct – a high performance cleaner effective on both the outer fabric and the delicate properties of down filling.

How can Down Wash Direct protect my down jacket?

  • It cleans away all dirt and body oils from the outer fabric and the down fill.
  • At the same time, Down Wash Direct will revive the DWR on the outer fabric and, where applicable, on the down fill. This protects the garment against rain or condensation and prevents it from wetting out.
  • Breathability is revitalised – essential to allow any moisture vapour that builds up to escape through the item, so the wearer does not feel clammy on the inside.
  • Down Wash Direct will optimise performance and prolong the lifetime of a down jacket – it is the safest way to keep down items in prime condition.

Anything else to consider when someone washes a down jacket?

  • Be sure to use the correct wash cycle. As down gains weight when wet, it is ideal to use a gentle cycle with a slow spin to prevent any damage occurring.
  • Even if cleaned by hand, spin cycles are recommended to get the maximum amount of water out of the down.
  • Down items must be thoroughly dried before use, or being stored away. If a garment can be tumble dried then this is recommended to help dry the filling quickly – if down stays wet for some time it can be ruined.
  • Clumps should be teased apart during the drying process to help restore the loft to the down.

The simple thing to consider is that when spending out on a down jacket – which can be costly – all due care should be taken to ensure it is looked after properly. Nikwax Down Wash Direct will not let your customers down and their gear will not be compromised when they need it most!

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