The Technology Behind PolarProof

Fleece fabrics, made from manmade synthetic fibres, are used to make lightweight insulating mid-layers, as well as warming hats and gloves. They are fantastic items to wear over Autumn and Winter because the fabric’s construction means air is trapped between the fibres and then warmed by body heat – providing comfortable insulation for the wearer.

In recent years, the fleece has become ever more popular as a chosen item of clothing, with key outdoor brands championing such garments, which were once considered less fashionable. No longer is the fleece just to be worn if out hiking, instead it is becoming a staple in everyday wear because of its laid-back tailoring, versatility and comfort.

Why fleece is great at keeping you warm
Fleeces come in different weights – micro (lightweight), mid-weight, and textured (thicker). All have one thing in common – they are designed to keep you warm and are breathable, to allow moisture to escape. However, most fleeces will not keep you dry if you get caught out in the rain. The fabric will hold water in the spaces between the fibres, meaning that insulation will be reduced and the item will be heavier due to the water absorption. Fleece can hold up to 50% of its weight in water – that would make the wearer highly cold, uncomfortable and could even lead to possible hypothermia.

How to look after your fleece
Nikwax PolarProof is the safe, easy to use, high performance waterproofing product that will protect fleece garments and enable the user to stay warm and dry during the colder months.

PolarProof is water-based and contains no fluorocarbons (PFCs), making it safe for the user and for the environment. Designed specifically for fleece fabrics, its innovative technology contains elastic water-repellent polymers that bond to fabric fibres, leaving the spaces between open and breathable. They stretch and move with the fabric so they work better and last longer. PolarProof will not change the look or feel of the fabric.

Some fleeces may now contain a durable water repellent finish (DWR), but without maintenance this will wear off over time. PolarProof leaves a flexible water repellent finish on all the individual fleece fibres – this allows breathability to be maintained and moisture can pass through the garment, preventing the user from feeling clammy. The treatment will add or replenish the item’s water repellency, to help prevent the absorption of water if caught out in the rain.

How to avoid your fleece pilling
Additionally, its formulation will help prevent the fabric from pilling – where abrasion damages fibres which then break away from the fleece, resulting in the item’s durability being reduced. PolarProof will keep your fleece items looking as good as new and they will last longer.

Easy to use in your washing machine, the water repellency will develop upon air-drying, so no need to use a tumble dryer, meaning energy is saved.



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