How to extend the life of your waxed cotton jacket

Waxed Cotton jackets are known for being incredibly durable and having that ‘timeless’ style. Although they are primarily synonymous with country pursuits, the waxed cotton jacket is also now in use across town and country lifestyles because of its versatility.

Whether you already own one or are looking to purchase your first to add to your outdoor kit, it is essential that you know how to maintain it. After all, nothing lasts forever without love and attention!

Firstly, never wash your waxed cotton jacket in the washing machine or dry it in a tumble dryer – both methods can cause irreversible damage to the waxed coating that gives you the protection you need.

Clean and Proof with Nikwax

Our easy-to-use aftercare is the effective way to  keep your waxed cotton jacket waterproof and in great condition, so you stay dry and comfortable time and again. A clean with Tech Wash®, followed by a proof with Wax Cotton Proof will ensure your jacket stays as good as new.

Just see how simple it is….

Mr Muir says:

Would love to see a blind test between this product and the product advised by the coat manufacturer; naturally their own product. If there’s no difference between the two, I bet the former is much easier to apply and less of a faff.

It costs £50 to send your waxed coat back to the leading manufacturer for a wash and reproof using their mail-in service, and that’s not including how much it costs you to send it via post.
Bet this Nikwax product is a fraction of that. But does it have that wax sheen and smell? Lots to contemplate.

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