Keep your base layers performing at their best

While we temporarily can’t explore the great outdoors, make the most of the great indoors with regular workouts! Regular exercise has huge benefits for all ages including weight control, combatting disease and health conditions, and giving you more energy.

Keep your body moving with a regular workout to keep yourself in a positive place mentally and physically! We recommend tuning in to #PEWithJoe on The Body Coach each morning at 9am, and getting the whole family involved! For more of our top tips to get through this period, read our Stay Healthy, Stay Safe blog.

In the words of Dr. Nick Cavill, “If exercise were a pill, it would be one of the most cost-effective drugs ever invented.”


Nikwax Sweatproofing is the care product of choice for all next-to-skin clothing, base layers, sports and gym gear!

To avoid feeling conscious of sweating, or worrying that your gear may start to smell through use, Nikwax’s range of Sweatproofing products are what you need to keep active wear in prime condition.

Unlike household detergents and conditioners, the high performance Sweatproofing range will ensure your garments can spread moisture and sweat quickly and easily, therefore drying faster and preventing you from feeling clammy or smelly.

Washing base layers/sports clothing in normal household detergent and conditioner impair the wicking properties of the fabric. This means that sweat does not spread and body oils/odours build up within the fabric – resulting in smelly clothing, which is not something you want whilst working out at home!

Nikwax Sweatproofing means you remain fresh, dry and comfortable when active. Here are our effective Sweatproofing care products:

BaseFresh®: the high performance deodorising conditioner that you can use with your normal detergent. It allows the detergent to clean away all dirt, but prevents it from impairing the functionality of your technical clothing; wicking is improved, sweat and moisture spread and dry much faster, so your body temperature is regulated and you smell and feel great.

BaseWash®: the deodorising cleaner & conditioner for synthetic sports gear. It removes all dirt and body oils whilst refreshing the fabric effectively at the same time. Odour build-up is prevented and breathability is increased – great for user comfort.

Wool Wash: the effective cleaner & conditioner for woollen base layers. Wool Wash is designed specifically for delicate woollen gear, e.g. Merino; it enhances wicking and breathability, keeping the garment soft and banishing odour build-up.

Sandal & Sports Shoe Wash: a deodorising cleaner for non-waterproof footwear. Keeps your active footwear smelling fresh on the inside by removing dirt and bacteria from the footbed and insoles, as well as cleaning the outside. Bacterial growth and odour build-up is reduced, which in turn will ensure your footwear has an extended lifetime of use!


An additional benefit of Nikwax Sweatproofing? It is really easy and safe to use! The products are all water-based and contain no harmful PFCs or solvents. You can pop your gear in the washing machine or clean items by hand nice and easily. To order yours click HERE.

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