Nikwax ‘Local Delights’ Photography Competition

In February 2021, we ran a photography competition to highlight the natural beauty that can be found when you explore the outdoors, and to give inspiration to others – to either just enjoy the outdoors or, to pick up a camera and see what you can capture.

We received a stunning array of images – thanks to all those who took part. Below you can see the winner of our competition, as well as some other fantastic entries, that show how beautiful the natural world is.

Our Winner – Dr. Roger Litton – Red Squirrel

Not many of us can say we have been lucky enough to even see a red squirrel, let alone have the opportunity to capture one so beautifully in a photograph. Native to the UK, red squirrels have lived here for over 10,000 years, however, after the grey squirrel was introduced, the number of red squirrels have dramatically reduced over the years. Currently there are only about 140,000 in the UK, compared to over 2.5 million grey squirrels. We are sure you will agree, this little fellow is just gorgeous to look at and enough to inspire us all to look after the native species that are at risk.

Take a look at some other inspiring Local Delights…

Bruce Rushin

David Lucioni

Karen Morgan

Lynette Morrissey

Sarah Howes

Bernhard Haas

Rosie Peskett

Jim Bates

As you can see, there is so much out there to explore, enjoy, and learn about when you get outside. Now is the time to step out on a new adventure, so grab your camera and see what you can capture in your local surroundings.

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