The Nikwax Philosophy – More Than Waterproofing. Part 4 – Consumption Reduction

 Nikwax aftercare was created to ensure people could step outside and enjoy the natural world to its fullest, without being affected by the elements. Our products are high performing but with low environmental impact, helping to keep people warm, safe and dry no matter the activity they are undertaking. However, there is more to Nikwax aftercare than just cleaning, conditioning and waterproofing.

This logo represents the Nikwax approach to helping with Consumption Reduction.

Some people may not realise that by using Nikwax aftercare they are ultimately enhancing the useable lifetime of their garments and gear, which leads to Consumption Reduction.

Waste going to landfill is of major concern for the environmental impact that it has – namely the fact that it contributes to global warming. When organic materials start to decompose they release greenhouse gas – this is one of the major components which causes global warming.

In the UK in 2018, over 300,000 tonnes of textiles worth over £12.5 billion ended up in landfill. Encouraging people to focus on the sustainability of textiles and not think of them as throw-away items is one way to try to reduce the volume of clothing that ends up in landfill, and ultimately reduce the environmental impact this has.

In the UK alone, over 300,000 tonnes of textiles worth over £12.5 billion ended up in landfill

How people look after and care for the clothing that they own is also important when it comes to maintaining its lifespan. This is where, for outdoor clothing and gear, Nikwax aftercare really is key.

Outdoor clothing and gear can be quite expensive to buy, so people want to make the most out of it and for it to last as long as possible. However, if they do not care appropriately for their gear, then in no matter of time they will find fabrics succumb to wear and tear, making them almost useless for the task in hand of keeping them dry, warm, or cool outdoors.

The high performance water-based formula of Nikwax products is safe for both the user and the environment. The innovative technology of the aftercare is such that it will not change the look or feel of the fabrics, but will enhance performance and ensure all items are kept in top condition.

Standard detergents tend to leave a water-attracting residue on fabrics – not ideal if you are washing your waterproofs and then find they start to absorb water when you are wearing them in the rain. Plus, household detergents and conditioners often never fully remove bacteria and body oils from next-to-skin clothing, so if people start to wonder why they smell so quickly when next using their base layers, this could be why. If garments start to ‘fail’, the owner’s response will be to throw them away and buy new ones.

They need to know there is no need for this! The range of Nikwax cleaners are designed to completely revive the functional aspects of garments. They will efficiently remove all built-in dirt and contaminants within the fabric – reducing build-up of odours in base layers and revitalising the water repellent coating on waterproofs!

Combine the cleaning with Nikwax waterproofers and you have the perfect aftercare duo. At some point after regular use, garments will need re-proofing. So when the cleaners no longer revive the water repellency on their own, then Nikwax waterproofers should be used. They are designed to leave a flexible water repellent treatment on all fibres, allowing moisture vapour to pass through the garments and keep them breathable.

Keep your jacket performing, for longer, with Nikwax

Garments made of fleece or cotton normally do not have a durable water repellent coating, so using key products such as Polar Proof for fleece, or Cotton Proof for cotton, will enhance the performance of these items. This is especially important on fabrics that are notorious at absorbing water, which causes fabric weight gain and makes the wearer feel cold.

Through regular use of Nikwax aftercare, a person’s outdoor clothing will keep its technical capabilities, allowing them to use their gear repeatedly over a longer useable lifespan than if they only use standard household cleaning products.

Plus, the enhanced formulation within Nikwax aftercare is such that garments only need to be re-proofed after approximately 4-6 washes, so money is saved, whilst the clothing can keep working for years – meaning a reduction in waste!



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