Join Nikwax and ‘Love Your Clothes’

What’s in your wardrobe?

Did you know the average UK household owns around £4,000 worth of clothes and about 30% of it hasn’t been worn in the last year? Plus, we bin 350,000 tonnes of used clothing every year – that’s the equivalent in weight of more than 29,000 London buses!

That’s why Nikwax is supporting Love Your Clothes, a new campaign to encourage the UK to love their clothes. Visit for loads of advice on how to unlock the value of your wardrobe. That’s everything from restyling and repairing existing clothes to what to do with items you no-longer need.

Do you have a brilliant tip on making clothes last longer? If so, Love Your Clothes is the place to share it!

Unlock the value of your wardrobe!

Love your clothes have three solutions to make more use of the items in your wardrobe: Love it, liberate it or lose it!

Love it – Rediscover something you love and bring it back to life! Re-wear the item, perhaps with something else, or get any necessary repairs or alterations made in order to make use of it once again.

If you own a technical garment, such as a waterproof jacket, that’s not performing as it did when you first bought it then Nikwax has a range of solutions to get your gear back to its best! To help you stay dry and comfortable whatever the weather throws at you, clean and rewaterproof rainwear, revitalise breathability of outerwear and base layers, clean and remove the stink from base layers, and clean, rewaterproof and recondition footwear!

Liberate it – Do you have an item that’s still got some life in it but not your cup of tea anymore? Clear some space and let someone else take it on a new adventure! Pass it on via charity donation, gift it to a friend or relative, or even sell it!

Lose it – If life in its current guise is at an end, always recycle your garment rather than throwing it into the bin. Fabric can be recycled in a number of ways to reduce landfill and preserve the precious resources used in original manufacture.

Whichever way you choose to extend the life of your wardrobe finds, get involved on Twitter and Facebook @loveyourclothes and post pics of items you want to #loveit #liberateit or #loseit

If you have any questions on treating your garments with Nikwax, contact us here  or on Facebook.

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