Iwan Thomas prepares for ultra-marathon


We are excited to announce Nikwax’s sponsorship of a moving video following athlete Iwan Thomas MBE, preparing for his first ultra-marathon. Iwan holds the current UK 400m sprint record with a run time of 44.36 seconds.

Covering 100 miles, which is the the equivalent of 400 x 400m races, Iwan completed the gruelling ‘Centurion Running South Downs Way 100’ race during last summer’s heatwave, raising around £25,000 for Group B Strep Support, the world’s leading charity working to eradicate Group B Strep infection in babies. See if you can spot our Nikwax products in the video here…


Earlier this year, Iwan also participated in series 4 of the hit Channel 4 show Celebrity Hunted, which follows a group of celebrity contestants on the run for 14 days. Iwan successfully avoided capture by the Hunters – a team of elite athletes, police and intelligence personnel – and was crowned the show’s winner after a gruelling two weeks.

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