Is this the secret to sleeping well on the campsite?

We take a look into Coleman’s revolutionary BlackOut Bedroom technology.

Every camper has been there – roused from their slumber several hours too early by bright sunlight streaming through the flysheet. And, if that’s not enough to disturb you, then proceeding to become increasingly hot and uncomfortable as the temperature outside warms up.  If the lack of lie-ins is almost enough to put you off embracing the many joys of a camping holiday, then fear not. Coleman is here to help.

In 2016, the camping expert revolutionised our nights under canvas with the launch of its innovative BlackOut Bedroom technology. Now featured across many of its family and active tents, this clever system not only blocks out 99% of light to help you sleep peacefully whenever you want, but it also helps control the temperature inside. But, how does it work?

The term ‘black-out’ is thrown around regularly but Coleman’s BlackOut Bedroom technology truly lives up to its name and is capable of keeping even the brightest light at bay. If you want to see for yourself, check out their video below to see the tech make light work of a 3000 lumen floodlight:


The patented technology works by combining two clever design features…

First up, a dark, PU-coating on the underside of the flysheet helps to block almost all ambient light from entering the bedrooms.  As this coating is localised to the tent’s sleeping area, the rest of the tent’s interior remains nicely bright and airy, ensuring optimum practicality in your campsite home-from-home.

This clever flysheet technology has one extra trick up its sleeve too. By absorbing and storing energy from the sun, it keeps the interior of the tent bedroom up to 5 degrees cooler during the day, and up to 1 degree warmer overnight, perfect for enjoying 40-winks in a dark, temperate environment at any point during the day.

The technology doesn’t stop there though. For even greater comfort and light reduction, the BlackOut Bedrooms themselves are made from a dark, breathable fabric that helps further minimise the amount of light, while ensuring the interior has a good level of ventilation for a comfortable sleep.

So, whether it’s keeping the kids in their normal sleeping routine while camping, or treating yourself to a well-earned lie-in, with a Coleman BlackOut Bedroom tent, you decide when it’s time to let the light in. 

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